Apple Snack Shack

4775 E Apple Ave. Muskegon, MI 49442

(231) 733-4637 

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J Franklin Interests, LLC


Providing Entertainment in West Michigan Since 2004

Apple Snack shack is located at 4775 E Apple Ave Muskegon 49442. 

We can be contacted at 231-733-4637

 The building we purchased for our purposes was set up for other products we decided instead of making cuts we would open the doors to opportunity and keep everything we could. And AppleSS is the result. Partnered with Sysco and many various Michigan based companies to bring you quality food at affordable prices. 

That being said, the AppleSS is intended to be a customer driven place where anything goes. Everyone gets the munchies from time to time and we aim to provide the stuff people not only want on a daily basis but unique eats and treats that customers haven't had in a long time or foods that bring back memories.

Our primary menu will include Pizza, Subs, salads, ice cream, coffee and eats and treats such as fudge, flavored sea-foam, peanut brittle, Hudsonville Ice cream and more...

 AppleSS currently offers take out and drive thru service (limited indoor seating is now available again!!!)

AppleSS is owned and operated by J Franklin Interests, LLC. We have been providing entertainment in west Michigan and beyond since 2004. We began at Great Lakes Downs in the horse racing industry as small time owners and enthusiast. Eventually we morphed into athletic management representing the needs of professional jockeys. Unfortunately, for everyone in Michigan, GLD closed its doors and racing was moved to Romulus Mi. JFI was there as well for both racing seasons that ran at Pinnacle Race Course. JFI has also owned and operated a computer gaming facility called "The Lan Lounge." This was located on Broadway Ave in Roosevelt Park, MI. Other forms of functionality for JFI include building services and property management including the operating of Kangaroo Palace indoor bounce center. This center was closed and the building was sold at the end of 2019 to make room for the purchase of AppleSS. Despite the indoor facility being closed we still offer bouncing fun via Kangaroo Palace Outdoor Rental services. 

We know that our opening has had many hang-ups and incomplete items. I wish from the bottom of my heart that this was not the case and that everything went seamlessly but it simply has not under the circumstances. We have fought just about every element possible before being able to open. Personal peril and global pandemics slowed us down but didn't stop us. We are committed to offering quality and personal service to the area. And we appreciate the community's understanding and support through all of this. It really is why I love Muskegon. So thank you. - Jeff Franklin

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